Neoprene Gear For Your Kayaking Needs

Like swift water, an active mind never stagnates. Nature lovers, explorers and poets have praised the beauty and might of Mother Nature for centuries. When you get closer to nature you get more motivated to preserve it. One way that nature lovers enjoy nature is through water sports. Water sports are quite popular and people often venture into new types of water sports during their vacations.

One of the easiest water sports to take up is kayaking. A kayak is a small boat which has a deck and cockpits to accommodate one to three paddlers. Paddlers have double bladed paddles and they sit facing in the forward direction.

Certain apparel and equipment is highly recommended if you are going kayaking. Apparel for kayaking needs to mainly focus on the comfort and safety of the kayaker. As for equipment, the most obvious piece is the kayak itself.

There are different types of kayaks available in the market - for example, inflatable, sit inside, sit on top, folding, and white water kayaks. Kayak apparel and accessories can be made using various materials but neoprene is one of the most widely used materials. Because of its inherent properties, neoprene maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. Furthermore, foamed neoprene contains gas cells, which improves its insulating ability when used in kayaking attire and accessories.

We all know that kayaking adventures often take place in the cold, vast seas. Kayaks can mostly withstand extreme cold weather conditions, but the question is whether or not the paddler can. Neoprene provides excellent protection against cold and is not as expensive as certain breathable fabrics. Neoprene can also add reinforcement and protect against abrasive hazards. Neoprene spray skirts are very popular and some kayaks have cockpit covers made of neoprene.

Neoprene cockpit covers help protect your kayaks when it is not being used. When the paddler is in the kayak, the cockpit is generally covered by a spray skirt which is a water proof covering that helps prevent entry of water into the cockpit, thus keeping the boat interior from taking on too much water.

A spray skirt needs to be selected carefully so that it fits the kayak and is comfortable for the paddler as well. Spray skirts should have shoulder straps to hold the torso tube in position and should also be properly sized. You may also want to look for pockets to hold accessories. Neoprene spray skirts are even more widely used for whitewater or surf kayaking.