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Learn Kayaking For a Healthier Lifestyle   by Manza Oppelt

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Learn Kayaking For a Healthier Lifestyle

Kayaking is a physical activity that uses a small water craft and a paddle to cross a body of water or waterway. It is also to as paddling.

The specialized water craft is called a kayak. It is typically a small boat which can only accommodate one or two rowers. It is constructed to a specific shape depending on the function for which it was designed. Some are classified as slalom, polo surf, general recreation, etc.

You can also differentiate kayaks by the material that it is made of. The typical kayaks are constructed using plastic, metal, or fiberglass materials. A high-end model is made of a lighter material known as Kevlar. This is a far cry from the earlier days when a kayak is usually dug out from a single log of wood, thus, making it heavy. On the other hand, some people are big fans of the inflatable kayak because of its portability and ease of use.

If you are planning to go kayaking, you can take your own kayak with you, rent a kayak near popular destinations, or enroll in guided group Kayak trips. Simply remember that with minimal skills, experience and cost, you can learn kayaking alone or with a trusted companion.

Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking can significantly improve your overall health in the process. It is one of those low-impact exercises that provide an amazing cardiovascular effects and upper body strength.

Are you planning to lose some extra weight for an upcoming event? Then, consider kayaking as an aerobic workout for you. Your back, abs, shoulder, and chest are exercised due to the forward motions that you do with the twin fin paddle. By using water as some form of resistance, you receive a strength-training workout in return.

In fact, the preparation alone requires you to lift the kayak up, tie it on the roof of a vehicle and carry it to and from the water. The upside is that if you love doing something, it does not feel like you are working out.

Different Types of Kayaking

People tend to gravitate to kayaking as a hobby, but they reap the health benefits of a complete workout at the same time. You can start to explore casually the shallow and calm lakes with limited basic skills. As you gain more confidence and become adept in this activity, you feel more adventurous to test your paddling skills and endurance by becoming a whitewater kayaker or sea kayaker.

The most common type of kayaking is the Recreational Kayaking. This is done mostly on ponds, lakes, and calm rivers. A wide and highly stable kayak model is utilized. Others call this serene activity as flat-water kayaking, which is quite popular for beginners. In this beautiful setting, you can combine fishing, diving, and wilderness exploration with kayaking.

Sea Kayaking is done on oceans or large bodies of water. Sea kayakers face big waves, deep waters, and complex currents, so a more skilled kayaker is required for this level.

A trend at this time is downriver whitewater kayaking. It is kayaking for a mixture of scenery, heart-stopping exercise and adventure. Others consider this as an extreme sports activity because it is oftentimes executed in rivers with rapid currents and waterfalls. Generally set up in groups, participants do require assistance from skilled crew members to survive the swiftly moving currents.

Playboating is a buzz word associated with whitewater kayaking. This is when you perform various technical moves in one place, succinctly referred to as a 'playspot'. With its popularity, various play parks are being constructed. Through proper training and keen sense of balance, you can learn to be safe and proficient on the water.

Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity that also promotes social connection with other people. You can paddle solo in calm waters for a few hours every weekend or you can join a group expedition. Depending on your paddling techniques, it can either be a very relaxing activity or a strenuous one. The rhythmic sound as your paddle breaks the water surface and glides through the water actually tends to relieve the stress and worries of the day.

It can also be viewed as a hobby, competitive sport, meditative routine, and fitness routine all rolled into one. Where and how you do it will determine the exact benefits that you will reap from this.

With kayaking, you get to commune with nature and spend quality time with your friends, while enjoying this special sport activity that you love most.