Kenya Safari Vacation

Kenya safari vacations are a combination of unique packages that are sought after the world over. A safari in Kenya is a golden chance to visit some of the most famous spots that are only watched on documentaries. For a perfect Kenya safari vacation, the must-go places in Kenya are: the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Tsavo National Park and perhaps the coastal city of Kenya Mombasa.

Maasai Mara is not only a wildlife hub, but also a cultural experience center in Kenya. It's only around the Maasai Mara that you'll meet the Maasai morans who graze cattle mingled with giraffe, zebra, and gazelle. At the Reserve - which is a home to the big fire, the most famous activity in this most visited safari and vacation spot in Kenya, is the annual wildebeest migration to the nearby Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. At this pack where open-topped mini buses are popular for viewing game, one gets chances of coming across the magnificent Lamborghini's of the cat kingdom.

Another popular safari vacation spot is the Tsavo National Park, which is about 30% of the country. This park is a home to thousands of animals, and it's a typical East African terrain: open acacia woodland, scrub and grass. Here one has a chance of viewing the Thomson's gazelle (gazelle Thomson topi (Damaliscus topi), other antelope and hundreds of species of birds.