Kayaking - Tips on Starting a Fulfilling New Hobby

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For beginners, Kayaking will prove to be the most thrilling experience of their lives. However, adventurous Kayaking maybe, it can also be a very dangerous sport. A person needs to be extremely fit, both mentally as well as physically, to participate in Kayaking activities. Moreover, the conditions as well as the water bodies where Kayaking activities take place can be highly unpredictable as well as turbulent.To enjoy this sport to the fullest, it is absolutely necessary to take certain precautions as well as safety measures. General Safety tips regarding Kayaking have been designed keeping in mind the conditions of water, Kayaking equipments, Kayaking gear, as well as the kayakers common sense.

Your instinct as well as your awareness can be a big help for you incase you end up in some life-threatening situation while Kayaking. Before you embark on a Kayaking expedition, there are certain questions that should be considered before you head out. Questions such as: Am I truly built for Kayaking? What kind of climatically conditions will I come upon while Kayaking? Will I be able to handle such extreme conditions? Am I carrying the right Kayaking gear as well as safety equipment to support me in harsh conditions?

Exposure to cold water to prolonged periods while Kayaking can lead to some serious damage to your body. You have to realize the following facts before you try you hand at Kayaking: Your body has a 25 % more chance to lose heat in water as compared to while in regular conditions. If you are Kayaking in cold weather conditions you have to realize that the water temperatures are always a lot cooler than the surrounding air temperature. Sea Kayakers are always at a risk of Hypothermia. Sometimes Hypothermia can also be caused by rain or your own sweat.

You have to wear proper waterproof gear as well as assigned clothing while you are Kayaking. The climatic conditions are highly unpredictable and are bound to change rapidly as well as suddenly. Your clothes have to protect you from cold weather condition as well as they should be comfortable enough to allow you free movement.

Try to get familiar with all your Kayaking gear as well as equipments. Learn how to use them properly and discuss their limitations with your instructor. Rudders or skegs are important Kayaking equipments where high tides, high winds as well as rapid currents are to be dealt with. Make sure you select the proper weight of this equipment so that you do not end up carrying too much load on your Kayaking trip.