Kayaking - More Than an Adventure

Life is hectic, rapid and is always filled with pressure. Hobbies and vacations are the perfect stress relievers to handle this tension and pressure. We often see people running after worldly entertainment when there is a horde of natural gifts and wonders to explore. The vast oceans and seas have always been a mystery we want to unfold and explore. Water activities and sports are in vogue nowadays. Kayaking is a very popular water sport and it involves using a small boat called a kayak to glide over the waters. Kayaks can typically seat one to three paddlers sitting in forward positions and using a double bladed paddle. Kayaking is sometimes done on backwaters and rivers and called white water kayaking. Another form is sea or ocean kayaking on oceans which is done by many veterans who have years of kayaking experience.

Kayaks are long and slender boats. The kayak fits one or more people, with a deck which allows them to sit in the boat with their feet forward and covered. The deck is called a water deck or spray deck. The kayak is also known to be classified by their use in the waters, such as surf, polo, whitewater, touring/day trip and general recreation. There are also subcategories in the levels.

There are two designs of the kayak. One is the cockpit style, which has the deck, and the other is the sit on top style. Obviously, the sit on top is just that, the kayaker sits on top. Kayaking has many fans, but sea kayaking is especially popular. Sea kayaking involves paddling through the waves and exploring the untouched, unknown marine life. Fighting your way through the waves, you get to see in close proximity the orcas or killer whale, humpback, minke, blue, fin, gray and other types of whales. Sea lions and seals are mammals which you would have seen only on TV, but sea kayaking lets you get a glimpse of these magnificent creations. Dolphins and eagles can also be seen in their natural habitats.

Sea kayaking lets you enjoy waterfalls, hidden coves and glacial views in a very pleasant tropical weather all by yourself or with your friends. When you kayak your way through the waves, you can discover the hidden beauties of nature first hand. The high point of kayaking is that it excites beginners and veterans equally. If you desire, you can also find well trained, efficient guides for your protection and safety. Guides are trained in cold water rescue and Wilderness First Aid. Sea kayaking offers numerous attractions to geologists, adventurers, researchers and photographers. There are guided paddling tours designed especially for amateurs. Here, you will cruise to specific locations with your guide in close proximity. Modern kayaks are made of materials like fiberglass and plastic and are rigid and sturdy compared to ancient kayaks, which are more flexible.