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Gujarat Tourism - Explore the Vibrant State for Various Reasons   by htoindia

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Gujarat Textile Tour

Gujarat is the birthplace of internationally recognized textile arts like Bandhani for tie and dye, Dhamadka for wooden block printing, Patola for silk weaving, Mashru for cotton and silk mixed weaving and many more. It is a unique experience to visit different parts of the state and explore these amazing art forms.

Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Jetpur, Gondal and many other cities and regions of Gujarat are well-known textile tours destinations. You can visit all of these destinations by choosing a good tour package.

Gujarat Wildlife Tours

If you are interested to come across the Asiatic lions and many other wildlife species, a Gujarat wildlife tour is the best option for you. The world-famous Gir National Park accommodates Asiatic lions and other animals like leopard, gazelle, spotted deers, jackals and many more. The Black buck national park features black bucks, wolves Floricans and wild foxes.

Besides, there are Marine National Park and Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary worth visiting in the state. The latter is a great venue to view wetland birds like Rosy Pelicans, White Storks, Heron and many more.

Gujarat Pilgrimage Tour

Akshardham Temple and Somnath Temple are two of the most popular pilgrim destinations in Gujarat. While the former is known for its pink sandstones and its construction that absolutely lacks the use of steel, the latter is admired for its location along the Arabian Sea and its rhythmic cymbals.

Palitana, the famous Jain pilgrimage center, has as many as 863 Jain temples located on the Shatrunjay Hill. Ambaji Temple and the Sun Temple are other pilgrim destinations of Gujarat. Besides, there are Muslim pilgrim destinations like Sidi Saiyad`s Mosque, Rajpur Bibi`s Mosque and Sidi Bashir`s Mosque.

Gujarat Heritage Tour

The mosques in Champaner, the Naulakha Palace and the Laksmi Vilas Palace represent the opulent heritage of Gujarat. There are numerous historical sites like Adalaj, Rani-Ni-Vav, Sahastralinga Talav, Aina Mahal, the Dargah of Makhdum Shaikh Ahmed Khattu and many others inspire the tourists to choose one of the heritage tour packages to Gujarat.

Other options include Gujarat art and craft tours, Gujarat tribal tours and Gujarat tribe tours. Choosing any one of these tours should provide you with the opportunity to make best out of your holidays.

You can plan a Gujarat tour with the help of an experienced tour operator agency of India. is one such tour operator that offers packages for tribal and textile tour of Gujarat.