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Explore the Beauty and Get to Know the Different Aspect of Dunedin   by Praveen Kumar

in Travel / Destinations    (submitted 2019-03-21)

Dunedin Travel Guide

Dunedin is a very vibrant and architectural city that also gives you the view of the magnificent harbor. It offers a wonderful view of the nature and reflects the heritage of New Zealand. It is situated on the east coast of the South Island. With the Dunedin travel guide you get well acquainted with the place which will ultimately help you explore the cities in a better and affordable way.

Otago Peninsula, is known for the mainland albatross breeding colony of various ocean birds, and penguin species. Dunedin is really reflecting the past as it has successfully preserved the Victorian and Edwardian heritage.

Experience Wildlife

There are very few cities on earth who can give you the true flavor of the coastal wildlife population. Taiaroa Head is the breeding colony that offers an amazingly sightseeing to the tourists. You can also plan to visit the Royal Albatross Center to get the view of the majestic ocean wanderers. Have a picturesque view of Otago Harbour and experience some of the unique marine and wildlife species.

Attractions in Dunedin

Dunedin is rich with the cultural aspects and also there is evidence of the heritage. There are many Maori settlements, since ancient times, and they are living in some of the specific areas. There is archaeological evidence that proves the existence of the Maori people for centuries.

When we talk about the attractions in Dunedin then the first thing comes in mind is the Dunedin railway station. There are numerous historical landmarks that illustrate the past majesty in the railway station. The area is well preserved and it is covered by green lush with landscaped plants.

Dunedin Botanical gardens are also a major attraction of the place. It gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the environment and breathe the cool air. There are numerous fascinating, beautiful plants that offer a panoramic view. The St. Claire beach is also the beauty of the place. The wonderful atmosphere of the place gives you a memorable experience.

Nightlife in Dunedin

Dunedin offers a vibrant and completely diverse nightlife. If you really want to get the real flavor of the nightlife then you can surely enter into pubs and bars. There is a wide range of nightlife activities where you can also get the essence of the great atmosphere. If you are looking for the party then you can just opt for the casual drink that suits your taste. There are varieties of drinks available.

Nightlife in Dunedin includes live music, bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. You can have the utmost entertainment in the place and enjoy the thriving dining out in some of the exclusive restaurants. The restaurants have varied menus and you can enjoy the different cuisine that includes classic kiwi cuisine. There is a wide selection of local as well as international wines available.