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Explore Kenya's Sun Drenched Coast on a Kenya Safari   by Newedge

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Exploring Kenya’s Beautiful Coast on a Kenya Safari Vacation

For the ultimate in relaxation and luxury to combine with the action and adventure of a Kenya safari, Kenya’s coast offers up a 480 kilometer stretch of tropical paradise. The warm, azure waters of the Indian Ocean, hosting some of the worlds most impressive coral reefs fringed by pristine sandy beaches, serve up an incomparable natural beauty, whilst the ancient coastal towns, with their Arab and Portuguese heritage, provide a portal back to a time in African history where life revolved around the slave and spice trades. Whether looking for a lively and vibrant location, or an island escape to top off a Kenya safari, Kenya’s sun drenched coast has it all.

Kenya’s Coastal Towns

As Kenya’s oldest town, Mombasa adds an authentic taste of history and culture to a Kenya safari. Originally an island settlement, the town was connected to the mainland via the use of a causeway and is now the most inhabited coastal area. With the Dhow Harbor and the Old Town offering an insight into Kenyan life both past and present, Mombasa is a tourists delight. The 16th century Portuguese architecture of Fort Jesus divulges the secrets of its early settlers, whilst the labyrinthian Old Town, with its ever present aroma of spices, is a pleasure to explore. The smaller towns of Malindi and Watamu, laying north of Mombasa, are frequently visited destinations thanks to the presence of Watamu and Malindi Marine National Parks. Here, fantastic diving and snorkeling opportunities lie amongst the spectacular coral reefs. Both towns are lined by beautiful stretches of palm fringed beaches and the ancient ruins of Gede and the Arabuko Sokoke forest lie within easy reach. Finally, the most developed and popular beach resort to combine with a Kenya safari, Diani lies to the south of the coast. Equipped with first class accommodation and facilities, as well as breathtaking beaches, Diani is a luxurious tropical paradise.

Kenya Safari Paradise Destinations; Lamu Archipelago

For a purely indulgent Kenya safari beach holiday, the Lamu archipelago lies off the northern coast, a cluster of six small islands offering a taste of pure paradise. As the largest of the islands, Lamu has the greatest population, and the ancient Swahili settlement of Lamu Town is a majestic maze of winding stone streets that still showcases its many cultural influences. Arab and Turkish traders and Portuguese settlers have all made their homes here, resulting in a melting pot culture unique to the islands. Dhow sailing trips allow the exploration of the archipelago and the archeological sites that have been uncovered on the islands, and beautiful beaches set against a backdrop of mango and coconut groves set a picture perfect tropical scene to relax in. With no vehicles on the island of Lamu, transport is provided by donkeys, demonstrating the truly laid back nature of this island paradise and the ideal environment it provides in which to unwind after a Kenya safari adventure.