Exotic Beach Destinations for a Family Safari

Beyond the Grasslands: Beach Destinations for your Family Safari

The very idea of a family safari is all about the game. Scouring the savannah for a glimpse of the proud lioness, gazing in wonder at a herd of marching giraffes, their unmistakable silhouettes pitted against the setting sun, marvelling in slight fear at the ferocious horns of the cape buffalo. But when the search is done, the appetite for wildlife fulfilled, where do you head next? Beyond the vast expanse of Africa's grasslands lies a collection of superb coastlines and paradise islands for you to explore. Here we pick three of Africa's top family safari locations and suggest a beach destination for each to round off your holiday of a lifetime.

Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania

The countries of Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania offer superb safari opportunities for families, with a wealth of game parks and reserves and access to cultures rich in African tradition. Beyond this, they also offer fantastic beach holiday destinations. Often overlooked as a holiday resort, the coast of Kenya is a beautiful stretch of land complimented by the tides of the Indian Ocean. For a family holiday, the Malindi region is recommended. This clean coastal town is much quieter than the lively area of Mombasa and offers fantastic marine life thanks to the Malindi Marine National Park. After a South African safari, why not head to the KwaZulu Natal Coast, more commonly referred to as the Sunshine Coast. 600km of coastline run parallel with rolling forested hills and the Indian Ocean offers up wonderful opportunities for fishing, surfing and diving. A family safari in Tanzania can be perfectly complimented by a trip to the sleepy islands of the Mafia archipelago. Less frequented than the Zanzibar archipelago, Mafia island and its neighbours offer a relaxed atmosphere and leisurely pace of life after the energetic pace of your safari. Take the sandy roads through quaint fishing and farming villages towards the coastline and rest on the sandy shores as you gaze out at a brilliant expanse of blue.