Kayaks – All the kayaks are imported new from the manufacturer in South Africa. They are designed specifically for use in the temperatures and coastal waters of Africa. Due to the warm temperatures of the Lamu Archipelago all kayaks are sit-on-top touring kayaks with no splash skirts or hot neoprene covers. As well as reducing the heat otherwise created under a splash cover, sit-on-top kayaks allow easy exit/entry whilst snorkelling or swimming, do away with the need for technical rolls and provide freedom of movement when fishing or taking pictures.

Tandem kayaks are preferred allowing paddlers to better match strengths, improving energy efficiency and making it easier for paddlers to enjoy the surroundings. For more experienced paddlers there is the option of a solo kayak or solo fishing kayak. Each kayak has deck webbing, hatches for storing masks, cameras, snacks, etc and rod holders. It is not necessary for paddlers to be experienced or super fit, the general rule is that if you are fit enough to swim and have no debilitating injuries you will be able to paddle.

Camp – Accommodation is in a classical mobile safari camp transported and set-up with the help of the backup dhow and crew. Keeping with the reputation of Kenya’s safari style and incorporation thoughtful coastal themes each nights camp offers comfort and relaxation after the day’s activities.

Tents are custom designed using durable ‘rip-lock’ canvas and offer excellent ventilation and comfort for two. At the end of the day experience a refreshing shower under the stars and sit down to dinner crafted by the camp chef. Many dishes incorporate fresh seafood and guests will have the opportunity to contribute to the meals catch. Whilst you enjoy paddling through the islands and reefs of the Kiunga Reserve, the support dhow will move ahead to set-up the evening’s camp; always within radio reach of the kayak guides.

Kit – Each guest will be provided with a 20l dry-bag for personal kit they may wish to paddle with. They will also be issued a PFD and paddle to use for the duration of the expedition. Masks, snorkels, flippers and spinning rods are provided, but if you have your own please feel free to bring these along. Bedding, flashlights, lamps and general camp equipment is provided.