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Sand Dollar Kayak Expeditions is Kenya's first sea kayak touring company, offering unique eco-friendly access to the remote, wild and beautiful islands of the Lamu Archipelago.

Accommodation is in classic safari-style tented camps. Paddle through the amazing Kiunga Marine Reserve. Learn about the ancient civilizations of the region, the marine ecology and enjoy activities
such as snorkeling, fishing, birding and exploring the wildlife of the tropical islands.
  On route experience the amazing marine life, multitudes of water birds and underwater reefs...witness turtle hatchlings, flocks of roseate terns, inquisitive dolphins and curious land animals.  
  Kayaks all the kayaks are imported new from the manufacturer in South Africa. They are designed specifically for use in the temperatures and coastal waters of Africa.  
  Sand Dollar Kayak Expeditions conducts guided tours through the Lamu Archipelago in the tropical waters off Kenya’s north coast.  

A Polar Holiday Exploring

In the far north of Canada, in the newest and largest part of the country, Nunavut is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the world and is inhabited only by a spread of around 32,000 Inuit people. A polar holiday to the region will often focus on Baffin Island, which is the country's largest, and the fifth largest in the world.

The capital is Iqaluit and the whole island is home to about 11,000 inhabitants. Take time to explore the capital before heading out on guided treks to see the stunning wildlife off the coast. The island is renowned for its wildlife, both in the waters surrounding it and on the coast. Inuit guides can take you out along the coast on snowmobiles and komatik, or Inuit sleds, to observe the myriad sea life and birdlife that call Baffin Island home.

African Safari Boating And Wildlife Safaris

African Safari Boating And Wildlife Safaris   by Jerry Wanga

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If you are looking for an African safari adventure, you will often find your self spoilt for choices. There is Kenya with it's famous wildlife including the great wilderbeest migration in masai mara. Then there is southern Africa with a lot to offer. If you are a water person then, paddling up creeks, gliding across placid lakes and pushing through reeds while dodging crocodiles is an exciting way of seeing wildlife, not so much for glimpses of crocs, or hippos (which may just be showing their nostrils), but for the animals, so you can get much closer. Canoeing or boating safaris are most rewarding in semi-arid areas, whose rivers and lakes are obviously of paramount importance to local wildlife.

Antarctic Cruise Aurora Expeditions

Antarctic Cruise: Aurora Expeditions Antarctic Activities    by Virgilio Vallecera

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Antarctic Cruise: Aurora Expeditions Antarctic Activities

Leading tour operator Aurora Expeditions provide details for the adventure of a lifetime on a Antarctic cruise.

Antarctic Cruise: Aurora Expeditions Antarctic Activities

Imagine what it would be like to spend the night camping under the stars in the most remote location on earth on a Antarctic cruise? Or scaling a mountain that few have even seen, let alone climbed? How about scuba diving in a fascinating underworld of gigantic icebergs amongst marine creatures found nowhere else? Experience all this and more on a Antarctic cruise.

Best Kayaking Places

As with any fisherman, no kayak fisherman is going to divulge their sweetest honey pots to just anyone but there are plenty of resources to find the best places to start. Once you've found a nice starter it won't be long before you know of the best kayaking places around. Probably the best place to start is right here on the Internet. Just use keywords like 'kayaking spots' and you'll soon find a vast array of sites that offer you hints and tips to the best kayaking places in or around your area.

Will joining a club find me the best kayaking places?

There are already a great number of kayaking clubs up and running all around the world and by joining one of these clubs you will privy to some very valuable information that will help you find the best kayaking places, whether you want to fish or simply paddle. Join a club, register with Internet forums and get networking. Not only will club members have information on where to go but will undoubtedly be able to regale you with tales of their own exploits and a few hints and tips along the way for good measure.

Combine a Beach Vacation in Mombasa

The wildebeest and zebra found in the Masai Mara game reserve from around July till end of October are the star cast in one of the 10 natural wonders of the world in terms of travel. The migration is a unique event that takes place every year with nearly 2 million of these grazers and browsers traveling from the Serengeti plains towards the Mara, crossing the Mara River in pursuit of the green grass. They will make a return journey, again crossing the Mara River northwards back to the Serengeti.

Visiting Kenya on a beach vacation during this time of the migration can be a good opportunity to witness the great annual event. From the beach resorts on the Kenya coast, one can take a break to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve for the migration. Here I provide a few guidelines to achieve this.

Different Varieties of Wetsuits For Kayaking

Wherever there is a body of water, there is a path for the kayak. When we spend more time in proximity to nature, we get relieved from all the tensions of our hectic lives. Adventurers have started indulging in extreme water sports for the sheer fun and challenge they offer. Kayaks are small boats with decks and covered cockpits. Kayaks house one to three paddlers facing in the forward direction and paddling with a double bladed paddle. When embarking on a kayaking expedition, it is very necessary to prepare protective apparel and accessories.

Wetsuits are used in kayaking to protect the kayaker from cold water and air temperatures. These are suits that are specifically designed to endure the cold and wet. Wetsuits are typically made of neoprene, which is a flexible material and not only protects the kayaker from the temperature but are still flexible enough to allow them to be able to maneuver about.

Exotic Beach Destinations for a Family

Beyond the Grasslands: Beach Destinations for your Family Safari

The very idea of a family safari is all about the game. Scouring the savannah for a glimpse of the proud lioness, gazing in wonder at a herd of marching giraffes, their unmistakable silhouettes pitted against the setting sun, marvelling in slight fear at the ferocious horns of the cape buffalo. But when the search is done, the appetite for wildlife fulfilled, where do you head next? Beyond the vast expanse of Africa's grasslands lies a collection of superb coastlines and paradise islands for you to explore. Here we pick three of Africa's top family safari locations and suggest a beach destination for each to round off your holiday of a lifetime.

Explore Indian Wildlife With India Wildlife

India is known for its rich bio diversity and therefore, India wildlife offers plenty of exploration possibility for wildlife enthusiasts. If you are a true aficionado of India wildlife, the best way to come close and understand it thoroughly is by arranging wildlife tours to India. Indian wildlife tours are specially designed for wildlife sightseeing in India. The tours take wildlife enthusiasts through a completely birds eye view of wildlife of India.

Right from migratory birds to exotic mammals, reptiles and beyond, India wildlife tours set forth unique temperament amidst natural and verdant reclines. The special Tiger Safari India tours are offered as an integral part of India wildlife tours and you will be charmed to catch the real sightings of Asiatic Lion and Royal Bengal Tiger.

Explore Kenyas Sun Drenched

Explore Kenya's Sun Drenched Coast on a Kenya Safari   by Newedge

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Exploring Kenya’s Beautiful Coast on a Kenya Safari Vacation

For the ultimate in relaxation and luxury to combine with the action and adventure of a Kenya safari, Kenya’s coast offers up a 480 kilometer stretch of tropical paradise. The warm, azure waters of the Indian Ocean, hosting some of the worlds most impressive coral reefs fringed by pristine sandy beaches, serve up an incomparable natural beauty, whilst the ancient coastal towns, with their Arab and Portuguese heritage, provide a portal back to a time in African history where life revolved around the slave and spice trades. Whether looking for a lively and vibrant location, or an island escape to top off a Kenya safari, Kenya’s sun drenched coast has it all.

Explore the Activities And Attractions around

Explore the Activities And Attractions around Bicheno Tasmania   by Sidney Morgan

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Bicheno is not a household name like other holiday hotspots and Tasmania is not usually known for its temperate climate. These are both excellent reasons for discovering the town of Bicheno, found on the east coast of Tasmania. While this little crayfishing town having a population of just under 650 is not on the general tourist's list of "must see" locations, it is on the "must go back and stay longer" list of everyone who has been there.

Bicheno isn't hard to get to. It's just 115 miles (185 kilometers) northeast of Tasmania's capital city, Hobart, but lots of overseas visitors to Tasmania overlook it. The northeast coastline of Tasmania is warmer and much more sheltered than other parts of the island and is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, both in the water and on land. Bicheno, located on the northern side of the Freycinet Peninsula, is a Tasmanian gem, with fantastic beaches, an abundance of sea life and spectacular scenery at its doorstep.